We look back at a very successful Union conference this year.  We met a lot of interesting people and the ambiance was great. Of course, it was convenient for us that the conference was in The Hague this year! Did you meet us at the Union? We’d like to take you back to the conference by an overview of our activities at the Union. We had a lot going on at the Union, for example our introduction of the Delft Light – backpack X-ray!

The container clinic
Let’s begin with our container clinic downstairs. If you visited the Union conference, you could not have missed it!

As you can see, we built a real life-sized container, similar to the OneStopTB clinics we have supplied in projects in Africa and Asia. The container consisted of an X-ray room – equipped with our EasyDR X-ray system, control room with a laptop with CAD4TB software, and laboratory room with GeneXpert machine. Visitors could experience what it is like to be inside our container TB clinic. Next to the container, an enormous world map with all of Delft’s activities were visible. In front of the container you see the Delft Light, the backpack X-ray! We were also walking around with it – showing how extremely portable it is! Did you spot the Delft Light?

Holland Pavilion
You also could have met us at our stand in the Holland Pavilion.

This stand focused on our Nigeria project, where we supplied two mobile OneStopTB clinics and collaborated with KNCV and ChallengeTB.

Demo sessions of the Delft Light backpack X-ray and our CAD4TB software also took place here.

Satellite session: the use of Artificial Intelligence for TB detection
On Friday October 26th, at 6 pm, the satellite session ‘Role of artificial intelligence and chest radiography for the detection of tuberculosis and other lung diseases’ was held. Delft was a proud sponsor of this satellite session.

The speakers were: Prof. Bram van Ginneken, Dr. Shifa Salman Habib, Dr. Nasreen Mahomed, and Dr. Anja van ‘t Hoog. There was a big turnout with many interesting questions from the audience.  The speakers talked about using artificial intelligence as an automated chest X-ray reader for tuberculosis.


The Dutch Community Space
The Dutch Afternoon in the Community Space also took place on Friday. CEO Guido Geerts participated and shared his expertise on active case finding and screening with X-ray and CAD4TB.

For everyone who visited us: thank you! See you next year in India!

Swipe through the pictures below for more impressions of Delft at the Union conference.