Delft’s successful collaboration with The Philips Foundation and Philips South Africa in deploying CAD4COVID at 11 South African hospitals.

Looking back at this past year, it has become clear that collaboration between organizations is crucial in this fight against the pandemic. By collaborating with the Philips Foundation and Philips in South Africa, we were able to deploy our CAD4COVID solution at 11 South African hospitals. With the new strain of COVID-19 spreading across South Africa, the use of CAD4COVID on X-Rays in these 11 hospitals has enabled the country to increase the detection of COVID-19, quantify progression and alleviate pressure on hospitals and their healthcare workers.

“Thanks to the software implementation, the hospital in Kalafong, South Africa, is a leading COVID19 center in its area. With 50 scans per day, X-ray now plays an integral part in enabling rapid detection and tracking of the coronavirus in patients’ lungs,” said Romulen Pillay, General Manager, Philips South Africa.