Thailand is one of 14 countries with the highest burdens of TB with an estimated 12 000 people dying every year, due to this preventable disease.

The Delft Approach

Delft Imaging provided 5 Delft Lights with CAD4TB and CAD4COVID which Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) uses for screening migrants at the border and prisons. Delft Imaging & Universal Delft supported SMRU team with an online installation and training session.

With the financial support of the Global Fund, SMRU is managing a tuberculosis screening program in the migrant population from Myanmar. Their main objective is to provide quality health care to the marginalized populations living on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border in the Mae Sot area, Tak Province. This is achieved by the dual activities of research and humanitarian services, with an emphasis on maternal-child health and infectious diseases.