How Delft lend a hand in Thailand’s TB Screening

One of the 30 high TB-burden countries, Thailand has a population of more than 71 million. An estimated 103,000 individuals are said to have developed TB. An additional 31512 are considered missing people with TB, of which 2835 are children.

Delft Imaging provided five Delft Lights with CAD4TB and CAD4COVIDShoklo Malaria Research Unit uses them to screen migrants at the border and prisons. We and the Universal Delft assisted the SMRU team with online installation and training sessions.

SMRU’s TB screening program, with Global Fund’s support, helps the migrant populations of Myanmar and Thailand. These at-risk populations, who live on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border in the Mae Sot area of the Tak Province, are deprived of quality health care. Alongside research and humanitarian services, they focus on maternal-child health and infectious diseases.