How Tanzania is making the case for CAD in TB screening

A high-burden TB country, Tanzania’s battle against TB has been a long one. In a population of about 60 million, 132 thousand are diagnosed with TB and an estimated 48,000 are missing.

Reeling from the adverse effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program (NTLP) of Tanzania resumed their services in late the 2020. In their quest to ensure minimal disruption due to potential COVID waves, Delft Imaging provided them with Computer-aided Detection for Tuberculosis Software (CAD4TB) for their 15 high-volume TB facilities, as well as mobile TB vans.

To ensure effective results of the AI-software, Delft Imaging is providing installation and training, in collaboration with our in-country partner.

This includes support and services for the same, in these facilities and mobile vans.

Making a difference

At Delft Imaging, we understand that expert healthcare and diagnostic facilities is, unfortunately, a privilege. Many of these facilities and mobile vans are set on remote locations where expert healthcare is simply not accessible. Keeping that in mind, CAD4TB is particularly helpful in the quick and easy screening.

In a study conducted by several partners involved in screening in the country, CAD4TB is proven to accurately distinguish between chest radiographs of culture-positive TB cases and controls. Additionally, studies have found that CAD4TB is at par to local readers, which is particularly helpful in regions where experts are not within easy reach.