Romania’s E-Detect TB Programme incorporates CAD and digital X-ray systems

Tuberculosis is a significant health concern among the Romanian population of 19.12 million. An estimated 8700 Romanians developed TB. Additionally, about 25,676 are missing people with TB. Of these missing people, 4,780 are said to be children.

The E-DETECT TB project actively detects TB in vulnerable populations. Specialists from the National Institute of Pneumophytiology “Marius Nasta,” with mobile X-ray equipped with molecular diagnostic and support from PNPSCT, perform radiological examinations procedures and sputum culture tests among the targeted populations.

The E-DETECT TB consortium brings together leading researchers and industry experts. It included us as industry partners, University College London’s TB control experts with experience in mobile X-ray service- Find & Treat Service and KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation TB experts. We provided the X-ray technology and CAD4TB. Under the leadership of the Romanian National TB Control Program and the Marius Nasta Institute, this collaboration led to European partners delivering innovative solutions.

According to the national TB control recommendations, diagnosed TB patients will be supported to complete an entire course of TB treatment. Successful completion of treatment is essential to stop transmission and prevent death and drug resistance.

Making a difference

The success of the E-Detect TB project, particularly CAD4TB on the field, was actively discussed. A study observed that using mobile X-ray and CAD4TB to identify TB among high-risk groups improves early TB diagnosis and can significantly contribute to TB control in Romania.

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