Peru makes a mark with TB Screening

In 2020, the population of Peru was approximately 33 million people. In that same year, an estimated 38,000 people developed TB. Among them 2,600 were children. Moreover, there were 14,25 missing people with TB (of which 1,667 were children).

In 2018, Delft Imaging started to collaborate with Socios en Salud, as part of the ZeroTB initiative, with the intend to screen 100,000 people in Peru using CAD4TB. CAD4TB is the software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect TB-related abnormalities in on a chest X-ray.

In 2019, Socios en Salud procured the CAD4TB artificial intelligence solution for another two sites in order to support the TB screening efforts.

In 2021, Socios en Salud procured CAD4TB for another 11 sites, with the intend to screen another 130,000 people. Later that same year, another 50,000 additional people were screened.

In 2023, another site supported by Socios en Salud received access to CAD4TB.

Making a difference

A study published in 2022, looked at integrated screening and testing for TB and COVID-19 in Peru. The study used CAD4TB and showed that integrated screening can help to avoid delays in the diagnosis of both TB and COVID-19.