To tackle an outbreak of TB in Kano Central Correctional Center, KNVC Nigeria deployed OneStop TB Mobile Clinic (WoW: Wellness on Wheels) equipped with digital X-ray, CAD4TB, and GeneXpert to screen 2,000 inmates. Compared to the previous year, the intervention was found highly effective and significantly increased TB case finding in a short period of time. 1,967 (98%) were screened by X-ray with CAD4TB, 92 (5%) is presumptive TB (CAD4TB score ≧60 and/or being symptomatic ). 

21 TB cases were identified in 2 weeks while it was only 7 cases found over the previous year (23% of TB cases yield). This intervention was subsequently scaled-up to other correctional centers in Nigeria. More details here.

Reference: The 52nd UNION conference “Report of an outbreak of Tuberculosis in Kano Central Correctional Center, Kano, Nigeria”, Tukur et al., KNCV Nigeria