Using the Delft Light, KNCV Nigeria implemented Community-Based TB Active Case Finding in the hard-to-reach Delta Region. Within four months, 6,232 adults and children ages 4+ were enrolled. Delft Light & CAD4TB screened 6,218 people to discover 778 presumptive TB (CAD4TB Score of ≥60) and 757 cases to be further evaluated by Xpert. The program found 70 cases diagnosed with TB.

Number Needed to Screen (NNS) with this approach was more favorable than an intervention with WoW mobile clinic, thus active case finding with Delft Light and CAD4TB can be more effective in finding missing TB cases, especially among the underserved hard-to-reach population in rural communities.

Reference: The 52nd UNION conference “Optimizing community TB Active Case Finding (ACF) using the Delft Light Backpack (DLB): Preliminary results from a 6-month pilot in Nigeria”, Odume et al., KNCV Nigeria