Tuberculosis is an ancient disease that (unfortunately) still constitutes major public health problems in Nigeria. In addition, the social stigma associated with this infectious disease further compounds the problem. It has been estimated that about 460,000 new TB cases occur yearly.

The Delft Approach

In February 2021, we successfully completed the last phase of the Lagos State Ministry of Health project which began in December 2020. This initiative is to bridge the gap of inadequate logistics for TB diagnosis and ultimately bring diagnosis and care to the doorsteps of Lagosians.

Altogether 21 digital x-ray installations, including 8 semi-mobile containerized x-ray systems, 10 room installations and 3 mobile screening vans, were made. We delivered 3 different digital x-ray products which included our Easy DR TB, Mac and Dragon light. All systems also received our AI CAD4TB software and user-trainings.