Every month, we will share the most interesting and relevant news of Delft. This March we provided various countries with our EasyDR X-ray systems, along with our CAD4TB software.
  • In DRC Congo, Delft delivered one EasyPortable X-ray system, including CAD4TB software for automated detection of tuberculosis. The system will be used for active case finding by the Caritas foundation.

The EasyDR X-ray system is being installed in the truck

  • Delft Imaging Systems is a partner in an EU-funded programme to detect cases of tuberculosis among homeless people and other vulnerable groups in Romania. For the three year programme, Delft delivered an EasyDR X-ray system, which has been installed in a mobile screening clinic to effectively reach the vulnerable groups. CAD4TB will be used and presumptive cases with a high CAD4TB score will be tested with GeneXpert in the mobile clinic.
  • In Swaziland, Delft delivered two EasyPortable systems to the National TB Programme. The system will be used for the TB prevalence survey and later for active case finding, using CAD4TB software to screen up to 100,000 participants.

The 10 EasyDR X-ray systems, ready to be shipped!


  • The West-African country of Sierra Leone is one of the top 30 countries with the highest burden of diseases in the world. The country reported 14,114 TB cases in 2016, but many more cases likely go unreported. To support the detection of tuberculosis in Sierra Leone Delft will install 10 EasyDR X-ray systems in district hospitals. 2 EasyPortable X-ray systems will be used in lung departments and for active case finding by the National National TB Programme. All X-rays have CAD4TB software to automatically detect TB. The EasyDR X-ray systems will be powered through solar panels, which will be installed on the roofs of the clinics.