Diagnostic Centres

Diagnostic Centres are full-service imaging facilities that provide comprehensive diagnostics to ensure the highest quality care.

Shifting the Focus to Diagnosis

Africa and Asia are home to rapidly growing economies with developing middle classes. The higher income and better education create a huge demand for improved healthcare, also driven by the increasing burden of non-commu­nicable diseases.
In the past, however, governments and donors have been focusing their efforts on treatment instead, and that is why adequate diagnostic facilities containing CT or MRI scanners are few and far between. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of proper maintenance for the diagnostic facilities that do exist, driving even more patients abroad and making diagnosis the weakest link in the healthcare chain.

Introducing: Diagnostic Centres (DC). A high quality facility with excellent diagnostic imaging systems.

High quality Diagnostic Centres (DC)

To fill the void of diagnostic capacity, Delft Imaging Systems introduces the Diagnostic Centre (DC). A turn-key, high-quality facility with excellent diagnostic imaging systems, servicing neighbouring hospitals in a modern and highly efficient way.

The design of the DC sets itself apart in two ways: first of all the high quality of its diagnostic systems means there is very little competition on the same service level. And additionally, it’s the utilisation of modern and efficient workflow software that makes the entire centre geared towards low operating costs.

The DC is equipped with all digital systems: a CT scanner, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound and mammography.

Same-day diagnosis

The unique feature of the Diagnostic Centres is that patients receive a complete examination and report from the on-site radiologist within 2-3 hours.  This ‘same-day diagnosis’ is unprecedented in African countries and offers great value towards the clients.

The Diagnostic Centre is designed to be operating in a developing country. For example, the use of the MRI scanner. It uses a new system that keeps power consumption low, which enhances both the cost-effectiveness and – with back up generators – its reliability in areas with a limited power grid.

To improve diagnosis, the on-site radiologist can use our teleradiology solution to obtain expert advice elsewhere. The same technology can be used to offer expertise to other hospitals, which strengthens the position of the DC as an expert hub in the region, and even the whole country.

Delft Projects with Diagnostic Centres

Ghana – Diagnostic Centre

To provide relief and support to hospitals and clinics in the area, a Diagnostic Centre (DC) that offers complete medical diagnostic services to patients was an all-round solution for the Ghanaian healthcare system. The goal of the DC is to offer excellent and rapid healthcare to patients, but at an affordable price at the same time.

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