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Welcome to the accelerated course on Computer-Aided Detection “4” Tuberculosis (CAD4TB) software by Delft Imaging.  At the end this course, participants shall be able to fully understand the CAD4TB software, its relevance, procedure/protocol, and performance when diagnosing Tuberculosis on chest x-rays. This course provides a basic introduction to Computer-Aided Detection “4” Tuberculosis (CAD4TB), how it works, interpretation, performance, and examples to try out. Generally, you will be introduced to our AI software for detecting Tuberculosis and its scientific performance results globally. Furthermore, it comes with a brief downloadable CAD4TB Box installation manual and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Below you can see the course content. To start the course, click on the first module “Introduction”. You can ‘Mark Complete’ before moving to the ‘Next Module’ or ‘Next Topic’ in order to track your progress.

Meet Your Headteacher
Dr Maurits Verhagen (MD, MPH)
Estimated Completion Time
1 hour 45 minutes
Course Requirement
Basic knowledge of Tuberculosis (TB) and chest x-ray reading may be helpful for quick understanding and retention.

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Elizabeth Ewudiwa

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