Client Stories

Mr. Dennis Ngosa – Assessment of non-tuberculosis abnormalities on digital chest X-rays with high CAD4TB scores from a tuberculosis prevalence survey in Zambia and South Africa

Ms Lillian Kerubo & Mr Elvis Muriithi – Integration of TIBULIMS and CAD4TB Lessons from Kenya

Mg. Daniela Puma – TB Active Search for Importance and Experience in Peru

Dra. Karine Betancourt – Active TB Search Experience in Santander, Colombia

Ms. Angelica Medina – Innovation in Public Health: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Detection of Tuberculosis in Paraguay

Dr. Akmal Umarov – Experience on Ultra-Portable Digital X-ray and CAD Implementation in Uzbekistan

Dr. Luis Gomez Paciello – Prinose Project: The Inclusion of AI in the TB Screening in Prisons. (Paraguay)

Cambodia Prevalence Survey Core Team – Experience Sharing: Implementation of Delft Light and CAD4TB in 3rd National TB Prevalence Survey in Cambodia of Delft

Dr. Stella Zawedde-Muyanja – Calibration of the CAD4TB v7 system for the detection of CXR abnormalities associated with TB in Uganda.

Mr. Christopher Togara – Introducing CAD/AI in Challenging Operating Environments (COEs). (Jordan)

Dr. Fungai Kavenga – Targeted Screening for Active TB (TaS4TB) in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Odume Bethrand – Finding the missing TB cases using DX with AI: The KNCV Nigeria Experience.

Dr. Turyahabwe Stavia – Expanding access to new tools for TB screening and diagnosis.(Uganda)

Dr. Ngoc Anh – Delft Light portable X-ray and CAD4TB: Opportunities and challenges. (Vietnam)

Dr. Daniel Gemechu – Introduction of CAD4TB in Ethiopian NTLP.

Dr. Nurov Rustam Madjidovich – Practical application of portable digital X-ray systems.(Tajikistan)

Dr. Brenda Mungai – Diagnostic accuracy of computer-aided chest X-ray Tuberculosis screening.(Kenya)

Dr. Isaias Dambe – Targeted Active TB case finding Using Mobile TB Diagnostic Units. (Malawi)

Dr. Peter MacPherson – Computer-aided X-ray screening for tuberculosis and HIV testing (Malawi).

Dr. Nicholas Adjabu – Accelerating Case Detection of TB in Ghana.

Dr. Mbusa K. Patrick – Field experience using Delft Light in West Nile Region of Uganda.

Dr. Jeremy Hill – Planning digital CXR and CAD for TB active case finding in Kiribati.

Dr. Aldomoro Burua – Use of mobile digital X-ray with CAD4TB at Health facility & community setting.(Uganda)

Dr. Banyar Maung – Field TB-screening of migrants living in the Thailand-Myanmar border with CAD4TB.

Dr. Chali Wapamesa and Michael burnett – Using the OneStopTB platform in South Africa and Zambia.

Dr. Lituhayu B. Putri – Utilization of CAD4TB for mass and remote TB-screening in Indonesia.

Jana Fehr – The experience of using CAD4TB prospectively in rural Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

Dr. Adeel Tahir – Using CAD in high throughput setting.(Pakistan)

Dr. Bethrand Odume – Using CAD in bi-directional screening (Nigeria)

Dr. Bram van Ginneken – The Fundamentals of CAD.(The Netherlands)