Nearly all countries around the world are facing COVID-19. This crisis is inspiring unprecedented global efforts across all industries, and we are glad to offer our support. We developed CAD4COVID:  an artificial intelligence software that triages COVID-19 suspects on chest X-rays images and indicates the affected lung tissue.

Delft Imaging has leveraged its expertise and has joined forces with Thirona, Radboud UMC, HT Medica and Fakultas Kedokteran UI to develop a tool for the triage of COVID-19 suspects by using Artificial Intelligence on chest X-ray images. We named the software CAD4COVID (Computer Aided Detection for COVID-19). CAD4COVID will support the health systems and health workers by helping to triage patients and inform the care pathway.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we believe we need to act fast and have the biggest impact possible. That is why we have made CAD4COVID available free-of-charge.

If you want to implement CAD4COVID free-of-charge, support our initiative or learn more about CAD4COVID, visit the webpage: