Our Approach to Fighting TB with AI

The challenge of tuberculosis is multi-sided: it demands a diagnostic solution that is affordable, quick, accurate and easy to implement in underdeveloped regions. We utilize artificial intelligence that allows tuberculosis to be diagnosed with unprecedented speed and ease.

TB Affects Millions of People

Tuberculosis is a major and complicated challenge that affects nearly 10 million people every year. If it is diagnosed in time, TB is generally curable within 6 months. Unfortunately, about one-third of patients fail to receive a quick, accurate diagnosis or effective treatment, making them more likely to die from this curable disease. With 1.8 million deaths every year, TB is the second most prevalent infectious cause of death.

If diagnosed in time, TB is curable within 6 months.

Solving the problem of tuberculosis requires a diagnostic solution that is affordable, quick, accurate and easy to implement in underdeveloped regions.

Delft addresses the problem of TB diagnosis by combining the speed and low costs of digital X-ray with machine learning and big data

Reinforcing Diagnosis,

the Weakest Link in the Fight Against TB

The diagnostic standard for countries with a significant TB burden is formed by the sputum smear microscopy and the GeneXpert MTB-RIF test (GXP). However, the low sensitivity of the smear test and the high costs of a GXP test have led the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend digital chest X-rays for systematic TB screening. X-ray imagery can show abnormalities in the lungs that suggest a patient may have TB.

Digital X-ray also has the advantage of low operational cost and quick results, so it can improve TB diagnosis. However, X-rays still require local expertise for accurate reading, and that expertise is often lacking in TB-ridden areas.

Our Solutions Improve Quality of Life

Delft Imaging is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life around the world by delivering innovative systems, software and services:

CAD4TB Software

Winning the fight against tuberculosis

Delft’s innovative CAD4TB software is designed to help non-experts detect and diagnose TB more accurately and cost-effectively. Digital X-rays combined with machine learning and remote expertise make CAD4TB a valuable asset in the fight against TB.

OneStopTB Clinics

All-in-one solution for fighting TB

As all-in-one mobile solutions, Delft’s OneStopTB clinics reach remote, and frequently underserviced, areas with ease. The clinic is equipped with Delft’s CAD4TB technology, x-rays and more, and is designed to diagnose and treat TB in a self-sustaining unit.

X-Ray Systems

Modalities for existing (mobile) clinics

Delft supplies two X-ray modalities for existing (mobile) clinics: the EasyDR and the Easy-Portable. Both systems are compatible with the Delft CAD4TB software and suitable for large X-ray screening programs.