Fight Against TB with Innovative Digital Health Solutions

As a pioneer of CAD/AI software with 90+ years of expertise in radiology, Delft Imaging supports TB programs with innovative digital solutions that enable data-driven TB control with efficiency and effectiveness, even in resource-constrained settings or remotest areas.

TB Affects Millions of People

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases: there were 1.5 million deaths from TB and 10 million people fell ill with TB in 2020. Moreover, millions of people are “missed” each year by health systems so they do not get the TB treatment and care they need and deserve.

To achieve the WHO’s End TB Strategy targets and the SDGs global TB targets, Delft Imaging supports our clients with innovative solutions that are affordable, rapid, accurate and easy to implement even in resource-constrained settings or remotest areas.

Delft addresses the difficulties of TB diagnosis by combining the speed and low costs of digital X-ray with the powerful capacities of machine learning and big data

Accelerate TB case finding with Delft’s integrated
X-ray systems & CAD / Artificial Intelligence software

Chest X-ray (CXR) is a sensitive screening tool that has an important role in the early detection of TB in children and adults who are at higher risk of TB. With the WHO’s recommendation on the use of Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) software in place of human readers for interpreting digital CXR for TB screening and triage, X-rays and CAD take significant part to accelerate TB case finding and bring screening services closer to key and vulnerable populations.

Delft Imaging supports TB programs with range of digital X-rays systems, CAD4TB AI software and data-management platform. Delft’s integrated digital X-rays and CAD4TB platform can facilitate fast, accurate and easy to implement TB screening and digitized data management with cost efficiency.


Our Solutions Improve Quality of Life

Delft Imaging is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life around the world by delivering innovative systems, software and services

CAD4TB Software

Most validated CAD available: recommended by the WHO

World’s first CAD software for TB screening. Designed to help non-experts detect and diagnose TB more accurately and cost-effectively. CAD4TB is recommended by the WHO and is currently used in over 45 countries, screening over 9,6 million people globally.

OneStopTB Clinics

All-in-one solution for fighting Tuberculosis

As all-in-one mobile solutions, Delft’s OneStopTB clinics reach remote, and frequently underserviced, areas with ease. The clinic is equipped with Delft’s CAD4TB technology, x-rays and more, and is designed to diagnose and treat TB in a self-sustaining unit.

X-Ray Systems

Multifunctional systems, fully compatible to CAD4TB

Delft provides a complete range of affordable and reliable diagnostic equipment that is specifically made to perform under challenging conditions. This range includes our portable Delft Ultra & Delft Light systems, and our Stationary EasyDR system for larger screening programs.