TB Solutions

Delft Imaging Systems in the Fight against TB

Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest infectious diseases. Annually about 9 million people are infected of which 1.5 million people die. TB is highly contagious and therefore, early detection and treatment of TB is the key to reducing the burden of disease.
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The CAD4TB project started in 2008 when Oldelft, the university of Utrecht with the South African Lung Institute and the Zambian organization Zambart successfully applied for a grant of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In two years' time 4 Delft digital X-ray machines were installed in TB clinics in both South Africa and Zambia gathering over 25.000 digital chest images of TB suspects. Together with other clinical relevant information – like the patient's HIV status - these data were the key input for the development of the CAD4TB software. The first prototype was released in 2008 and, subsequently in 2011, the first version of CAD4TB. By now, 5 releases in total illustrate the high standards and reliability of our CAD4TB software. To date our TB solution is up and running in multiple countries around the world, estimating close to half a million scans and still counting.

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CAD longen

Computer Aided Detection for
Tuberculosis (CAD4TB)

Delft Imaging Systems' innovative CAD4TB software is designed to help (non) expert readers in the diagnosis of TB. Within just two minutes from exposure, the software automatically analyses chest x-rays, detects abnormalities and indicates the likelihood of active TB.

OneStop TB Clinics

Delft aims to complement and strengthen existing health infrastructures and national health and/or TB programs with the innovative OneStopTB clinics. Delft Imaging Systems strongly believes in providing integrated solutions of image capturing, storage and diagnosis, as this approach is likely to provide the most benefits to healthcare providers and patients.

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OneStopTB Clinics

The OneStopTB clinic enables highly efficient TB screening. OneStopTB is a mobile solution that can reach remote, and frequently under-serviced, areas for prevalence surveys and TB case finding. The clinic consists of a shielded standard 20ft container equipped with a lead shielded digital X-ray scanning and control room, a laboratory for