Partners of Delft Imaging Systems

The below listed organisations are partners with which we currently work or have worked on projects mentioned on this website. Partners vary from research institutions to local implementing partners but also includes networks or alliances which we are part of.

Lung Institute

A South African research Institute responding to the need for addressing health issues in Southern Africa. Involved in CAD4TB.


A large Dutch development aid organizations active in health care, Disaster Repsonse and in rural and (post-) conflict entrepreneurship through dedicated investment funds.

Newcastle University

An English University involved in the development of the low-cost, innovative ultrasound device the Baby Viewer

Radboud UMC

A Dutch University involved in the development of Computer Aided Detection for TB and the Baby Viewer.

Fraunhofer Mevis

A German medical image computing institute that develops interactive assistance systems for clinical routines.


A Zambian NGO that focuses on scientific research related to the overlap between HIV and TB in order to improve the quality of life of people affected by the dual epidemic


A multinational that focuses on innovative healthcare solutions and medical software solutions to improve information sharing, efficiencies and streamline workflows.

Task Force Healthcare

A not-for-profit platform that stimulates cooperation among organisations within the Dutch life sciences & health sector and promotes sustainability in healthcare.


A research institute to address the health problems of Bangladesh, the region and the developing world in general.


A regional resource for innovative global health research in Europe, Africa and Asia.

I+ Solutions

An independent not-for-profit organization specialized in pharmaceutical supply chain management for developing countries. I+ intends to assure that medicines reach the hands of those who need them, and that they never go out of stock.