Delft Imaging Systems joins Social Enterprise NL

Social Enterprise NL defines social entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs who have primarily social missions. As a national membership body Social Enterprise NL represents, connects and supports the growing community of social enterprises in The Netherlands. 
Delft fits the profile of a social entrepreneur and wants to be part of this movement enabling us to learn from other members and exchange information and knowledge, to support the community and offer our own experience. We would like to stimulate another way of thinking. 
Delft envisions a world in which everyone can benefit from the modern world advances in the field of healthcare. Delft is specifically dedicated to improving the quality of life of people all around the world by means of its diagnostic imaging devices, e-health software and related services. Delft believes that treatment can only serve its purpose when it follows adequate diagnosis. We develop and deliver unique solutions in medical imaging that are affordable and end-user centric in order to have a positive and durable impact in developing and under-resourced countries. 

With our years of international experience and network, with a focus on the African continent, we feel we can help and advice Social Enterprise companies.

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