Course Trade & Investment Promotion, Delft host company

Every year there is a Trade & Investment Promotion course organised at request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the economic staff of the approximately 140 diplomatic posts (embassies and consulates) of The Netherlands. 

Last week Delft was hosting the Officer Economic Affairs of the Dutch embassy in Kenya for this course. The main objective of this course is for the participants to take a look into Dutch international businesses: how they operate, get better insight into the bottlenecks faced and the most important questions in the current business world. 

A key part in accomplishing this objective would be the five-day business exploration by participants in a Dutch exporting company. Delft Imaging Systems was approached this year to be part of this important objective. As a Dutch international business, we decided to form a part of this great initiative and serve as one of the host companies. It was an interesting week for both parties.

Our guest was Mr. Geoffrey Korir, Senior Policy Officer Economic Affairs at the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi, Kenya. We had a small interview with him about his experience at Delft Imaging Systems.

What was your first impression of the company (Delft)?
He was pleasantly surprised because he has interacted with a Delft employee before whilst doing the course in February. He didn’t specifically choose Delft; all participants get a company assigned to them that matches both the participant and the companies needs the best. That’s why he was happy he got Delft since he would be able to help with Delft’s faced challenges entering the Kenyan market. He’s mostly happy to have this relationship continue even after this week is over, since Delft will be implementing some of his recommendations to form a strategy to enter the Kenyan market. He’s also thankful for the hospitality and time made for him on his days at Delft.

Can you tell us a bit about your assignment?
As an assignment Geoffrey had to come up with a recommendation for Delft on how’s best to enter the Kenyan market. According to Geoffrey the next step must be to have more focus and take a few days to solely understand the market. This is especially important now that the Dutch embassy in Kenya has made healthcare the top of their priority list. It also allows Geoffrey to make good use of this course offered and his time here.

What has been the biggest difference working at Delft vs. at the embassy?
First and foremost, the biggest difference is not having to go through all the security restrictions and protocol to be able to enter the building. Also, at Delft everything is about the business, whereas at the embassy business is not always the priority. The priority there lies more with forming and maintaining relationships. In the embassy, you’d interact with more stakeholders in comparison with Delft where you only interact with your business-related stakeholders. 

We want to thank Mr. Geoffrey for his time with us here at Delft and all the input he has given us. We wish him many successes in his work and in the future.