CAD4TB - Demo Website

The key innovation for TB detection 

With today’s digital X-ray systems a high-quality chest radiograph is presented on a computer screen within a few seconds. This has created new opportunities to detect TB cases faster and at lower cost, using software analysis. With the support of research institutions, universities and the WHO/Stop TB Partnership we have been investing in the development and CE certification of our Computer Aided Detection software for TB (CAD4TB) over the last 8 years. 

With excellent results: CAD4TB automatically analyses a digital chest image in 1 minute and scores it between 0 - 100 on abnormalities consistent with TB. It now surpasses the performance of a trained human reader. Additionally, a ‘heat map’ of the lungs indicates the abnormal areas (please see images). Using CAD4TB clinicians can easily select those patients that have the highest likelihood of TB. It assists radiographers in the field, building capacity and selecting those patients that are eligible for further testing with e.g. GeneXpert.

The software automatically uploads every X-ray image to a central archive where the images are processed by CAD4TB and stored in a cloud server. By logging on to the password protected website the results can be viewed on any PC, tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world.

Please have a look at the CAD4TB demo website:
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Password: demoaccount

If no internet access is available, e.g. with mobile or portable X-ray systems in the field, the additional CAD4TBbox computer will immediately process every chest image on site. This is a small computer with Wi-Fi on board that allows clinicians using a smartphone, tablet or PC to display the CAD4TB results on their screens.