Diagnostic Centres

Diagnostic Centres are full-service radiology centres that provide comprehensive screening and diagnostics to ensure the highest quality care and to service patients' needs.

Though upcoming middle classes in many African countries still travel to European, US and Asian hospitals for timely diagnosis, the steeply rising patient numbers in the fewly available diagnostic centres demonstrate a demand for local diagnostic services in developing countries. Delft Imaging Systems specialises in customised complete solutions for radiology departments in these areas. From the very beginning, Delft is involved in planning, financing and design, realisation, operational support and maintenance. Delft Imaging Systems' turnkey solutions for medical imaging and image sharing are used worldwide and have proven to perform reliably in e.g. Europe, Asia, Ghana and Suriname.

• All imaging modalities in one place • Integrated service for design, construction and servicing • Same day diagnosis • Affordable total package for a complete department • One point of contact • Tailored to specific demands • Extensive experience in Africa

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Delft Imaging Systems offers a complete range of Canon Digital Radiography solutions including stationary, mobile (digital) X-ray, CT, MRI and other diagnostic systems that can be connected to the Canon PACS, Radiology Information and Cross Enterprise Document Sharing Solutions for sharing patient images, records and e.g. lab results. Delft believes that a highly effective CT scanner and MRI are key to a state-of-the-arts Diagnostic Centre that is capable of servicing patients' needs. Most patient exams will require CT and/or MRI.


Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging modality that utilizes X-ray for image production, with digital reconstruction. A CT scan can be performed on any section of the head or body. It visualizes pictures of bones. It also gives clear pictures of soft tissues which an ordinary
X-ray test cannot show, such as muscles, organs, large blood vessels, the brain and nerves.
The most commonly performed CT scan is of the brain.

Other uses of a CT scan include:

To detect abnormalities in the body, such as tumors, abscesses, abnormal blood vessels, etc, when they are suspected by symptoms or other tests.
To provide a surgeon with a clear picture of an area of your body before certain types of surgery.
To pinpoint the exact site of tumors prior to radiotherapy.
To help doctors find the right place to take biopsies.

Other Modalities


Hitachi open MR systems are compact machines that enable scanning soft tissues with high diagnostic value at low magnetic field strengths. The permanent magnet technology avoids the needs for expensive cooling systems and subsequent high energy cost that traditional superconducting MRI equipment have. The images and resolution produced by MRI are detailed and can detect tiny changes of structures within the body. Common clinical applications are most ailments of the brain, including tumors and dementia/ Sports injuries/ Musculoskeletal problems/ Most spinal conditions/injuries/trauma (including inflammation)/ Vascular abnormalities/ Female pelvic problems/ Prostate problems/ Some gastrointestinal tract conditions/ Liver, spleen, kidneys/ Neck/ Cardiac/ aorta (aneurysms and tears)/ Chest/ Certain ear, nose and throat conditions/ soft tissue and bone pathology/conditions.


The Oldelca system, introduced in 1950, is a well known and established name in the global market and has earned a reputation of quality and reliability. Now we have made a new effort to further fulfill the specific screening needs of our customers. Further innovations have resulted in the EasyDR system, which requires only a fraction of the X-ray dose. The system uses the Canon CXDI-40EC detector. This detector has proven its reliability in the field of radiology in many countries in the world. Due to the flexible configuration with 1, 2 or 3 detectors, it is possible to design the bucky rooms according to the demands of our customers.

'Delft' proven technologies are currently used by top healthcare facilities all over the world.